And, in the end, a Forest

The forest plays a fundamental role in mitigating Climate Change since it acts as a regulator of the planet’s temperature.

It has the ability to fix and absorb CO2, a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) caused mainly by human activity.

During the growth of the Forest, CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere and transformed into carbon that is stored in its entire structure (roots, trunk and leaves). Therefore, a growing forest can be considered a large carbon sink.

However, its destruction (burning, logging or simply degradation) releases the carbon it had stored into the atmosphere. Therefore, avoiding these GHG emissions derived from the degradation of a Forest generates great environmental benefits that result in the improvement of the quality of life of all the inhabitants of the Planet.

Plantas Continental, SA, as a company that is aware of and committed to the Planet, wants to contribute to mitigating the increase in its temperature by promoting actions such as this campaign that we have called: “And, in the end, a Forest”. The company will donate to all those people, linked to the company, who visit our facilities, a tree with the commitment to plant it for the creation of a forest.

If all the people who receive this tree plant it… we will achieve our goal.

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